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HERA JRP CE Report Summary

Project ID: 291827
Funded under: FP7-SSH
Country: Netherlands

Periodic Report Summary 2 - HERA JRP CE (HERA Joint Research Programme Cultural Encounters)

Project Context and Objectives:

On 8 February 2012, the HERA Joint Research Programme Cultural Encounters (HERA JRP CE) partners launched a joint call for multilateral projects in the humanities research area: “Cultural Encounters”. Thus the success of the first HERA JRP was continued. The HERA JRP CE consortium, this time consisting of 19 national and regional funding organisations, wants to create collaborative, transnational research opportunities that will derive new insights from humanities research in order to address major social, cultural, and political challenges facing Europe. For the HERA JRP CE a virtual pot was created according to the same financial model (based on Eurostat figures on government spending on R&D) as used for the first HERA JRP. Contrary to most other joint research programmes set up by ERANETs, in this HERA JRP CE project grants are transferred by the HERA JRP CE Handling Agency in full to the Project Leaders to enable them to truly manage the collaborative transnational project.
The HERA JRP CE partners have jointly defined and developed a common research priority, opened a transnational funding mechanism and pooled a substantial amount of their funding in one virtual pot. The HERA JRP CE Board is the main decision-making body regarding matters such as the financing of the HERA JRP CE projects, Knowledge Transfer Strategy and its implementation, and monitoring of the HERA JRP CE funded projects. The HERA JRPP CE partners have contracted the European Science Foundation to act as the HERA JRP CE Handling Agency for the first phase of the programme (e.g. organising the call and selection process). For the second phase of the programme the IRC is contracted as the HERA JRP CE Handling Agency (i.e. for managing the HERA JRP CE funded projects and networking activities).
The Call was open to scholars located in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom, irrespective of their nationality. Successful proposals required the building of consortia of three or more partners based in three or more different HERA JRP CE countries. The total amount of funding available for the transnational research projects funded in the HERA JRP CE theme was 18,2 M€, 6 M€ of which was the ERANET PLUS grant. In addition almost 1,3 M€ was contributed by the HERA JRP CE partners for the handling costs of the selection procedure, the management costs of the projects and the knowledge exchange and networking activities.
Proposal evaluation under the HERA JRP CE theme was carried out in two stages (Outline and Full Proposals) by an international, independent HERA JRP CE Review Panel. In the second stage, the invited Full Proposals were assessed by at least three independent external expert referees. The HERA JRP CE partners provided their suggestions for the Review Panel members and external referees, and carried out the eligibility check of the Outline and Full Proposals.
The HERA JRP CE call had an excellent take-up: 593 proposals were submitted in the Outline Proposals stage and 88 in the Full Proposals stage. The total budget requested by the 88 submitted Full Proposals amounted up to 86.2M€. The HERA JRP Review Panel recommended 31 Full Proposals for funding. On 21 February 2013, the HERA JRP CE Board met in Brussels and decided to accept the Review Panels recommendations and ranking list. As the ranking list was strictly followed, some partners were unable to fully use their commitments. However, In order to be able to still fund 18 transnational projects, four partners increased their original commitments by in total 1,4 M€ and the HERA JRP Board approved that some remaining budget of the first HERA JRP was transferred to the HERA JRP Cultural Encounters.
The contract negotiations with the 18 projects recommended for funding have been completed. All projects will commence by 30th September 2013, and a launch conference will take place in Dubrovnik on September 30 2013. The total budget awarded to the top 18 proposals is 17,571,467 EUR.
The HERA JRP CE Knowledge Transfer Advisory Committee (KTAC) chaired by AHRC formulated a Knowledge Exchange (KE) Strategy which aims at increasing awareness of the impact of funded research beyond academia. The implementation of the Strategy will involve organising or supporting HERA JRP CE Knowledge Exchange and Networking activities, which would bring together academic and non-academic partners from more than one HERA JRP project. The HERA JRP CE funding organisations have provided additional funding for these activities. The KE Strategy will be discussed with the HERA JRP Project Leaders of the HERA JRP CE projects, in their meeting with KTAC at the HERA JRP CE Launch Conference..

Project Results:
All planned objectives were completed:
For WP2: the preparations for the publication of the call which involved finalizing the call text, setting up the website, online application form and database, to prepare a model consortium agreement and to ensure the proper dissemination of the call through relevant media (website, e-newsletters, mailing lists journals, and newspapers).
For WP3: organising the selection process, determining the final ranking list and determining the list of projects with which contract negotiations would be started.
For WP4: the contract negotiation with the 18 HERA JRP CE transnational projects have been completed by the ens of August 2013.
For WP5: organising the HERA JRP CE Matchmaking Event, formulating the draft Knowledge Transfer Strategy and preparing the first KT meeting in Dubrovnik..
Potential Impact:
We expect 18 HERA JRP CE projects to be fully and succesfully completed. This text will be revised by month 18 when the projects that are now being funded are analysed further as to their specific planned impacts.

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