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Project ID: 264639
Źródło dofinansowania: FP7-PEOPLE
Kraj: United Kingdom

Periodic Report Summary 1 - NEMATODESYSTEMHEALTH (A Systems Biology Approach to controlling Nematode Infections of Livestock)

Project Objectives:

A systems biology approach is necessary in order to develop the comprehensive understanding necessary to ensure that the approaches to manage nematode infections and to control disease are likely to be sustainable. A systems approach will also help to identify the most suitable combination of approaches under different circumstances.

Systems biology combines a variety of disciplines in a quantitative way to achieve a coherent, consistent and comprehensive understanding of host-parasite relationships that covers all levels from populations to molecules. Sophisticated statistical analyses and mathematical modelling will be used to integrate information from different disciplines.

There are four objectives:

i) To advance our understanding of host-nematode interactions.
ii) To apply the enhanced understanding to control nematode infections of livestock.
iii) To train researchers with the necessary skills to understand and control nematode infections.
iv) To apply nematode control on selected farms within Europe.

Objective 1 will be verified by the submission of articles to the scientific and technical press by month 48.
Objective 2 will be verified by the application of our findings by breeders, especially markers, genes, breeding schemes and selection indices by month 48.
Objective 3 will be verified by the submission of PhD theses by early-stage researchers by month 48.
Objective 4 will be verified by the application of nematode control programs to selected farms within Europe by month 48.

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