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On line multi sensor inspection system

A demonstration device of a multisensor inspection system has been developed. Material defects in carbon fibre composites (CFC) and in ceramic coated materials (CCM) are detected with individually different performances of the sensors in the surface or near surface region of the materials by electromagnetic and optronic methods, and in the entire volume of the material by the ultrasonic technique. Feasibility of anisotropic reconstruction of ultrasound wave propagation has been proved.
The material inspection results of the individual inspection systems are passed on to the interactive data system and control unit (DSCU) via extended standard interface and data formats. In the DSCU the individual results are made comparable and allocatable so that they can be simultaneously presented to the operator. Defective areas can be marked and displayed, enlarged and compared by selectable sensor images and different cuts. Geometric characteristics of the defects and physical parameters are determined to permit and prepare defect type classification and defect assessment.

Due to the modularity of the system, it is not restricted to the chosen application. Other sensors are also possible and defect assessment and classification can be adapted to the acceptance criteria of specific users. A computer aided design (CAD) system can be integrated for displaying defects in perspective views.

The exploitation and anticipated benefits are concentrated on the: optronic inspection system; SAFT for unisotropic media; defect prediction model; data system control unit.
The anticipated benefits are the increased reliability of defect detection, sizing and characterization, the complete inspection of parts from surface into the body, the prediction of defect propagation and reliable decisions on replacement or repair.

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