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X-ray voludensitormetry in testing technical ceramics and advanced materials

Nondestructive evaluation and testing in the industrial ceramics sector has been explored and a technology has been developed which is based on computerised image analysis methods. In the case of ceramics samples, the images are acquired by the use of X-ray equipment, which produces a discretized volumetric set of measures of the density of the material which composes the sample. From these measurements a computerized 3-dimensional image analysis approach can be applied to identify the presence of lacunarities, voids, cracks or inclusions of undesired materials.

A software system, called EVA-VisualStudio, has been developed to analyse and visualize volume data with a variety of techniques allowing application in the field of medical imaging, particularly for CAT scanned images. EVA-VisualStudio can be applied in many industrial fields for nondestructive testing of complex and critical products. Coupled with microfocusing X-ray scanners it can give a deep insight into the structure and morphology of an object to find out flaws and defects.

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