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Development of new calculation processes for computerized casting simulation and model verification under manufacturing conditions

The achievements from this research include:
application of computer simulation for the solidification process of complex castings using computer aided design (CAD) data;
application of the model on mass production, single production and prototype casting;
determination of casting parameters by simulation;
design of complete riser and gating system with simulation;
determination of mechanical properties in production;
optimization of riser and gating system for high quality standards;
development of a model for detecting defects caused by mould filling procedure as well as by the solidification process;
first advanced usage of simulation data in an administrative area;
application of simulation results in preventive quality control.

The product will be exploited by improving the user interface and extending the calculation of distortion to other geometries such as turbine blades, etc.

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RWP Gesellschaft Beratender Ingenieure für Berechnung und Rechnergestützte Simulation mbH
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