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Development of a system to detect and to remove foreign materials in raw cotton and scoured wool

The objective of the project is to develop a system that is able to detect and to remove all types of foreign materials in raw cotton and scoured wool.

Main tasks to be performed are:
collection of a representative set of samples;
selection of the best location for detection;
research on image acquisition and image processing;
selection of removal system;
construction and testing of prototypes.

During the previous years of the project, the first tasks have been successfully completed. Currently, the completed prototype is undergoing industrial testing, including all features for detection of all types of contaminants, as well as a separation system. The prototype has been tested in laboratory conditions for several months. Now, the prototype is being continuously tested in real conditions on a 24 hour/24 hour basis, improving the settings of the computer and realising some problems in its function.

Several machine manufacturers have been contacted to commercialise the system. Negotiations will start after the project work has been finished, as the results need to be confirmed by the industrial tests.

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