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A novel diabetic foot monitoring device

Foot damage is the main cause of hospitalisation of diabetic patients. European scientists developed an innovative device that can provide continuous monitoring of skin lesions.
A novel diabetic foot monitoring device
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of disorders characterised by disturbances of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Patients present with damages to small (microvascular) and large (macrovascular) arteries as well as skin manifestations. Early referral to the dermatologist is paramount to diagnosing skin complications and preventing their exacerbation. As a result, medical tools capable of providing accurate diagnosis are urgently needed.

Scientists on the EU-funded SKINDETECTOR (Application of the innovative data fusion based non-invasive approach for management of the diabetes mellitus) project developed an innovative medical tool that comprises three different sensors, namely a thermography camera, a digital dermatoscope and an ultrasound device. The combination of these elements provided the necessary information for an accurate evaluation of skin lesions.

The thermography camera inspects foot skin temperature and highlights areas with temperature differences. The dermatoscope is used to visualise skin markers and evaluate skin lesions. The SKINDETECTOR consortium designed and manufactured a set of optical filters for improving the overall quality of the images and providing additional colour and size analysis of the lesions. The goal of the ultrasound analysis was to measure foot skin thickness.

The SKINDETECTOR device is portable and could thus be used at a general practitioner’s surgery or at local primary care clinics. Using modern telemedicine, the data from the device could be forwarded and analysed remotely by specialist physicians to develop an effective treatment plan.

Considering the chronic nature of diabetes and the frequency of skin manifestations among diabetic patients, there is a need for constant monitoring. The SKINDETECTOR device offers a portable, user friendly solution for multi-parametric analysis of the skin in diabetic patients' foot. Its utilisation is expected to arrest more severe progression of diabetes.

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