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RETYRE — Result In Brief

Project ID: 286830
Funded under: FP7-SME
Country: Netherlands

Lorry retreads and EU law

An EU team tested retreaded truck tyres to compile various functional parameters required by regulations. Results include a software tool, incorporating a novel algorithm, which facilitates an efficient methodology.
Lorry retreads and EU law
Europe has enacted legislation requiring that new tyres be labelled with performance specifications. The fact that retreads are currently exempt may threaten the market performance and profitability of the truck retread small business sector.

The industry therefore needs performance data for its products. The EU-funded RETYRE (Classification of retreaded truck tyres in order to comply with future environmental performance and safety requirements) project aimed to provide the necessary data. The team's investigations, consisting of eight specific objectives, involved study of performance parameters related to casings, the retreading process and treads. The purpose was to devise a methodology for classifying retreaded truck tyres in compliance with legislation.

Work started with expert discussion of the parameters most relevant to rolling resistance, noise and wet-grip. Based on test results, the team prepared an algorithm. The resulting internet software tool estimates key parameters, prior to production, as part of the design process.

Researchers also developed a sound and cost-effective methodology for classifying tyres. They updated and maintained the software service during realistic testing. Lastly, additional testing helped the team expand its methodology and tools to accommodate less common types of tyre.

The RETYRE project provided the means for the retreaded truck tyre industry to supply labelling data needed for compliance with regulations. Doing so will help the industry remain competitive while also offering environmental benefits through reuse of old tyres.

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