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International forum for European life sciences funders and performers

Final Report Summary - EUROBIOFORUM II (International forum for European life sciences funders and performers)

Executive Summary:
EuroBioForum is a 4-years project to create a platform for public funders and performers in the area of Personalised Medicine. The EuroBioForum partners are Publimarket BV (NL, coordinator), the Helmholtz Association (DE) and the French National Research Agency ANR. In July 2014 the coordination of the project was formally taken over by the newly established EuroBioForum Foundation, due to the bankruptcy of Publimarket in April 2014.

To meet the challenges of Personalised Medicine, it is important that both research performers and funders join forces and set objectives for the near future. EuroBioForum aims to create a mechanism to foster dialogue, cooperation and coordination between research funders and performers. The main objective of EuroBioForum is to provide insight into the current initiatives and key players in Personalised Medicine in Europe. From this starting point, strategic alliances and partnerships will be facilitated to empower the field, stimulate scientific, economic and societal progress and capitalise on European added value. EuroBioForum aims to serve as a platform to stimulate and facilitate transnational collaborations to converge thoughts and ideas into concrete practical actions.

Project Context and Objectives:
Since the start of the project in January 2011, EuroBioForum has performed the following activities:
- Established a multi-level communication strategy through websites and social media, leading to strong online communication activities.
- Developed the Personalised Medicine Observatory, giving insight in Pmed initiatives in various countries and regions.
- Stakeholders meeting in May 2011, which has laid the basis for individual discussions and commitments from the respective organisations, associations and alliances to collaborate.
- Annual conferences in 2012 (Brussels), 2013 (Munich) and 2014 (Tallinn), bringing together policy makers and funders (national and regional) from various European countries to present and discuss their policies, programmes and other initiatives in the field of Personalised Medicine.
- At the 2013 conference a large delegation from Canada was present, as well as a representative from Russia.
- Initiation of CSA PerMed (2012), a precursor for a future ERA-Net on Personalised Medicine.
- Workshops on Transregional Collaboration (2012 and 2013) and Education & Training (2014), identifying concrete projects to be developed.
- Studies on Biomarkers, Education & Training and the Impact of Social Media.
- Establishment of EuroBioForum Foundation in order to lay the basis for a more structural and sustainable undertaking.

Through the annual conferences, the various dedicated meetings/workshops and the EuroBioForum community (to date almost 2000 people), EuroBioForum so far contributed to the creation of a European network enabling to deliver the promises of Personalised Medicine in a more coordinated way.

Project Results:
Not applicable

Potential Impact:
To date, project results have led to a European network of stakeholders in Personalised Medicine. More countries in Europe have developed policies, strategies and (research) programmes to implement Personalised Medicine in their health systems, or are considering to do so, and awareness about the field in general has increased. Also Pmed-related topics such as health economics, education & training, IT infrastructures & big data, and communication & public awareness are getting more and more attention.

EuroBioForum hopes to continue, through its newly established foundation, to contribute to the further development of Personalised Medicine in Europe, aiming at:
- The foundation of an active and informing network to track, trace and monitor developments and initiatives in Personalised Medicine and related areas.
- Enhanced interaction, synergy and coordination between research, policy makers, funders and other stakeholders.
- Broadened insight for every stakeholder of what is happening in the field.
- Improved position of Europe as the research and implementation capital of Personalised Medicine.