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New polymers for high performance adhesion

The main objectives of this project are to develop production processes to obtain new polymer structures with reactive functional groups designed to react with surfaces which require binding, to gain better knowledge of the parameters affecting adhesion performance and to enable cost efficient formulations with the new structure polymers. Research is focussed on binding problems found in European manufacturing industry; plasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane and other self releasing thermoplastics as well as on some natural substrates such as wood and cork.
Synthesis of preselected structures took place on a pilot laboratory assembly. Polymer samples amounting to a few kilograms were prepared in order to evaluate their characteristics after adequate formulations.
Isocyanate prepolymers, reactive polyurethane dispersions as well as other polymeric structures were tested on cork, wood and thermoplastic materials surfaces.
Significant improvement was found on adhesion test results, when compared with the ones obtained with the equivalent structures without reactive groups.

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