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BAGHERA-building a technical memory

BAGHERA is a multimedia technical database, that enables the efficient storage, organization and exchange of all kinds of technical data, facilitates cooperative working and easy access to archived data.

In manufacturing industry complex projects are increasingly undertaken across different companies and/or sites, leading to the need for rapid access to, and sharing of data between sites. Organizations are also seeking to improve their technical memory, in terms of the ease with which archived data is stored and accessed. BAGHERA enables the archiving and the consultation of a wide range of technical data including documents, drawings, and computer aided design (CAD) models, using the O2 object oriented database management system and the 3-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) model visualisation tool SETPHIGS. It has been developed jointly by ESPRI Concept, CNES and Aerospatiale, specifically to meet the needs of the aeronautics, space, car, general mechanics and defence sectors. The extensive experiments undertaken by Aerospatiale and ALENIA Spazio have proven the database is a vital tool for organising, updating and archiving technical data, ensuring consistency between different disciplines, and exchanging information between project partners.

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