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Distributed simulation in aerospace design

DIVISAR, a simulation system based on distributed computing, improves performance and development time in the aerospace industry, and increases the complexity of scenarios that can be simulated. The DIVISAR architecture comprises 3 main components:
The Alenia Inter-process communication system (A-IPC) is a communications package which enables the transfer of standard DIVISAR data blocks, such as data structures containing the information related to all the objects to be rendered by the visual system, or 'user defined data' which many be tailored by the DIVISAR application experts.
The VISTA image generation software and corresponding video communication system (a CASA Espacio product) allows each connected node to receive the generated images. It can be added to existing simulators in fields such as robotics, space operations planning and design, and ergonomic studies. It can also be used to generate technical animations or videos for technical presentations.
Alenia's dynamic and control analysis package (DCAP) dynamic simulator and DYNAMAN Kinematic simulator (a CEIT product), are computer simulation packages designed primarily to simulate different space situations.

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