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Intelligent robot welding systems for unique fabrications

Incorporating sensor technologies, a knowledge based system (KBS) and a modular structure, Heprob allows more effective quality control, boosts productivity and facilitates accurate planning, while not requiring major infrastructure modifications or retraining of personnel.

The system involves measuring and identifying the component to be welded, welding it in position, controlling the welding parameters and documenting the produced welds. The robot relies for its path instructions on a number of sensors to identify the start of the weld path, seam trajectory, corner intersections and finish point. In addition, the welding process parameters are determined from databases, algorithms and knowledge based systems, and as the welding proceeds the results will be assessed in real time and corrected according to other algorithmic rules or intelligent analysis.

The reliance on sensor information and the knowledge base allows Heprob, unlike many robotic systems, to accommodate different tasks without reprogramming. This in turn means the system can operate with minimal retraining of personnel. The system can be operated either locally as a stand alone unit or can constitute a module in a centrally operated computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) structure.

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