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Low cost copyright protection

The rapid expansion of information networks such as the Internet and the introduction of digital broadcasting technology have given issues of copyright, authors rights, access control and payment for digital multimedia material particular importance. Once published, the use, manipulation and distribution of digital information, and the related rights, are difficult to control. Under CopySmart, new hardware and software building blocks necessary for implementing intellectual property right (IPR) management in multimedia applications are being developed, targeted initially at the PC environment.

The basic technology for IPR management already exists in the form of CITED, a global IPR management tool developed in a previous esprit project using security technology from the smart card market and standard interfaces for portable hardware (PCMCIA, etc). The key to market acceptance of such a system is the respect of standards. Based on these standard technologies COPYSMART will, within the short term, produce the hardware and software building blocks for implementing IPR management in multimedia applications. The CopySmart device will contain protected CITED functions and security functions. Cryptographic algorithms and payment functions will reside in the CopySmart device in a removable security module, so that it can be easily adapted to national regulations and payment methods.

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