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New branch banking systems

The banking sector is undergoing significant changes in terms of consumer needs and market competition. The mix of branch level functions is changing and demands more organisational flexibility, a stronger emphasis on the retail banking concept and greater branch office autonomy. The technological characteristics of the future Banking Information System must be redefined to cope with these new requirements. The FAST software environment allows the easy and rapid development and execution of management systems at bank branch level. The development environment is based on standard technologies and has a fully open architecture. The main user of FAST is typically a bank analyst, who uses the system to define and organise new services.

FAST provides an open, modular and distributed architecture based on standard systems and platforms, currently the Windows client server on PC hardware. The reuse of systems outside the FAST platform is guaranteed by the Encapsulator which allows information to be incorporated into the FAST application without modification. The Banking Object Builder allows the composition of applications to be defined, through reusable building blocks called Banking Objects over a distributed platform. The development environment also offers ready to use and reusable multimedia building blocks. Finally, FAST offers an easily configurable shell through which the end user's access can be simultaneously guided and controlled.

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