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QIOS Report Summary

Project ID: 306576
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Denmark

Mid-Term Report Summary - QIOS (Quantum Interfaces and Open Systems)

QIOS is a theoretical project on Quantum Information and Open Systems. Quantum Information is a new branch of information theory, aiming at exploiting the properties of quantum mechanics for information processing. Ideally such quantum information processing should be performed in closed systems shielded from the environment, but in reality a system is never completely closed and always interacts with its environment. The goal of QIOS is to develop theories for dealing with and exploiting such open systems.

In the first half of the project two major results have been achieved in collaboration with experimentalists. Based on the theories developed in QIOS, the generation of steady state entanglement of two trapped ions was realised for the first time in collaboration with the ion trapping group at NIST in Colorado. Entanglement is prerequisite for quantum information processing and the generation of this based on open system dynamics is a sign that the direction taken by QIOS is fruitful. Another important results realised in collaboration with experimentalists in Copenhagen is the transduction of radio frequency signals to optical fields using a nano-mechanical oscillator. With this transduction, the well established techniques for sensitive detection of optical fields can be exploited to detect tiny electrical signals. Such a transducer can thus have a range of applications ranging from signal receivers to interconnection between stationary quantum computers and optical photons for quantum communication.

Other results fro QIOS include theories for improving the stability of atomic clocks, improved understanding of light emission from quantum dots, and the theory for single microwave photon transistors.

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Københavns Universitet
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