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The right tools for design and development

TOOLS benefits not only designers and manufacturers, but the complete chain from component manufacturers to end users. By using standard OMI tools, component designers and manufacturers reduce design times with genuine ‘right first time’ designs, and by using OMI-compliant components, systems providers reduce their time to market and technical risk. Independent software vendors (ISV) can cut dramatically resources for porting and maintaining software, by endorsing OMI standard software components and interfaces, allowing them to concentrate on new developments. Finally, with application-specific solutions becoming highly reusable, equipment manufacturers can improve design trade offs, increasing competitiveness, resulting in higher price/performance products for the consumer.

TOOLS focuses on certain key areas: formal verification, system modelling and simulation, monitoring, performance evaluation and traceability. The traceability tool provides a semiformal approach to bridging the gap between design steps, as well as enabling the global reuse of components. Other tools include a formal verification tool (HOFT), a monitoring tool (MAT) and a performance evaluation tool (PAT), along with a modelling and simulation environment. kernel based applications can also be developed, with new EOS (Etnoteam Operating System) functions that support communications between tools and system, including a new scheduler supporting deterministic behaviour. A common visualization approach is used for all the tools.

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