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Escape: advanced waste gas abatement for the semiconductor industry

The microelectronics industry produces a number of environmentally hazardous waste gases in its various fabrication processes. Developed through the ADAPT project, the DAS ESCAPE waste gas abatement system uses a superior design concept to provide an optimal abatement solution. By combining incineration and scrubbing in a single unit, treating gases at the point of occurrence, the system is highly efficient with high safety levels. Targeted at the semiconductor industry, ESCAPE has been evaluated successfully and continuously improved in performance, design, user friendliness, safety and efficiency. Escape can be adapted and customised to handle abatement tasks in other industries eg the chemical industry.

ESCAPE combines sophisticated combustion reactions with oxidation, hydrolysis, absorption and adsorption techniques. Waste gas is fed into the centre of a burner chamber, where the components in the gas are thermally fragmented and depending on chemical composition, reactions such as oxidation, reduction and pyrolysis take place. The gaseous and solid radicals are then absorbed by the scrubbing liquid or are taken in suspension. ESCAPE uses a multiple sensor based monitoring system to provide information continuously on operating conditions.
ESCAPE has been proven in various industrial processes to effectively treat waste gases from a variety of processes such as low pressure chemical vapour deposition (LPCVD), pressure enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD), atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition (APCVD), plasma etching and epitaxy.

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