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Moving Picture Expert Group 2 binary flow generator

The Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG)2 binary flow generator is a tool providing a broadcast for multiplexed programmes. This tool permits diverse scenarios concerning the MPEG2 reference flow to be generated from Packetized Elementary Stream (PES) type information sources which may be used to validate some components within the framework of a contract for MPEG2 multiplexer realization. In practice, the analyser is inserted in a production/broadcast chain of digital television signals, between the encoding systems delivering elementary PES source files and the broadcast system. The generated flows may be included in conditional-access television programme distribution and, therefore, be encrypted in compliance with the EUROCRYPT standard. The analyser may thus be interfaced with the Subscriber Authorization System and the Access Controller. The generator uses PES audio and video plus private data binary files on input in order to produce an Multiple Program Transport Stream (MPTS) transport flow in the form of a binary file and of a text file describing the flow. The whole set of these elements may be managed by an administrator common to the whole test chain. The software functions are as follows:
management of the administrator parameters corresponding to the multiplexing configuration;
scrambling of transport packets;
linking of PES flows;
cutting of PES packets;
Program Specific Information (PSI) generator on the service channel;
decoding of PSI flow sections;
cutting out of PSI sections;
dynamic evolution of the service channel content during the multiplexing;
logical construction and physical encoding of transport packets;
MPEG2 transport multiplex in order to generate a single Program Transport Stream or an MPTS.

The MPEG2 flow generator has been developed on a PC/WINDOWS platform. Main applications for the generator are:
adjustment of experimental digital television chains;
adjustment of digital television production/broadcast/distribution chains.

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