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Metrology tool of the ETI/DAB multiplex

A metrology tool has been developed which is a processing software of the Ensemble Transport Interface (ETI), Fast Information Channel (FIC) and Packet DATA channel carried in the DAB transport multiplex. It can be connected to the output of an Ensemble Stream and/or Packet Multiplexer, or to the input of a COFDM encoder. The software runs on a personal computer (PC) with DOS which controls one Data Extraction board. Real time analysis is available and can be stopped on breakpoint conditions. Offline processing can be done on Nxframes stored before and after the breakpoint condition. The software offers a package of functions which allows the control and the check of ETI, FIC and Data Packet specifications.
Other characteristics include:
offline ETI demultiplexing (FIC, Audio and Data subchannel);
Hexa. display of each Audio/Data Stream frame by frame;
packet and data group analysis and display;
DAB multiplex and ensemble organization display;
online help, trace files;
Hexa or FIG search (with or without extension);
store and load ETI files;
ETI frame dating.

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