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GENERGIS — Result In Brief

Project ID: 332028
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE
Country: Greece

The problems of island power

An EU study examined the electrical situation of Skyros island, Greece. Consideration of various sustainable options yielded an optimal solar/wind power-generation solution, plus hybrid hydrogen systems for the transportation fleet.
The problems of island power
Islands are often electrically isolated from mainland grids, requiring independent electricity generation at great cost, thereby increasing the feasibility of otherwise unviable alternative energy technologies. Skyros is one such island and in need of more economical options.

The EU-funded GENERGIS (Green energy for islands) project examined the case of Skyros, and applications of green technologies for other islands. Study objectives included evaluation of technical and economic options, leading to proposal of a fully sustainable solution. Goals were to be accomplished by involving local authorities and the community in the decision-making process.

Team members considered various hybrid technology solutions for the island's autonomous electricity needs. Simulations addressed variable demand and involved conserving surpluses from high-production periods to improve efficiency. The first proposed plant combined solar thermal, wind turbines and storage capacity; the second design included solar voltaic, wind turbine and storage. A third option united solar voltaic, wind farm and hydro-pumped storage technologies.

All three proposals were economically and environmentally viable compared to the current situation involving diesel. The team ranked the costs and impacts of candidates, determining that the best option for Skyros combined electricity storage with photovoltaic and wind power generation.

Suggestions concerning transportation options involved electrically and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Despite the high investment costs, costs overall are expected to be about 45 % lower than the current fleet.

Work also produced a series of reports concerning the legal, economic and technical backgrounds to the topic.

The GENERGIS project has given Skyros viable options for independent power generation. The alternatives will be cheaper and sustainable, having applications on other islands.

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