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New fellowship programme strengthens international relations

Promoting academic research in international relations and security has become much easier thanks to a new fellowship drive that has recently supported 11 more fellows in completing this ambitious programme.
New fellowship programme strengthens international relations
Since its launch in 2006, the Transatlantic Post-Doc Fellowship for International Relations and Security (TAPIR) has represented an active, dynamic programme for young academics knowledgeable in international relations and international security. It has sent fellows on two-year learning assignments to three different research institutions and think tanks to sharpen their know-how on policy-oriented research and build their own networks.

The EU-funded TAPIR-COFUND (TAPIR-COFUND) project oversaw the realisation of 11 more fellowships within TAPIR. The fellows spent three eight-month periods in different institutes and think tanks on both sides of the Atlantic, honing their skills in policy-oriented research and networking with colleagues.

The group of 14 high-profile institutes involved in this cycle enabled the fellows to conduct research on specific topics related to international relations. The first year of the project included topics such as the future of the military, the role of special representatives in peace processes and western approaches to justice sector reforms. In the second year, the fellows investigated British transatlantic security partnerships, European-United States cooperation on global climate governance/security and state making/democracy promotion.

These analyses led to informative publications in journals, newspaper articles and book chapters. The fellows also participated in conferences and in policymaking, with several obtaining employment during the fellowship. Another noteworthy project achievement was the realisation of three TAPIR seminars (2012, 2013 and 2014) where fellows presented their research projects and findings during the fellowship, including discussions on related ethical issues.

The project also advanced TAPIR's presence on the Web, furthering the programme's transparency, spreading its goals through social media and attracting more fellows to apply. TAPIR-COFUND was instrumental in providing invaluable experience to the 11 outstanding researchers, promoting knowledge transfer between Europe and the United States, and strengthening international relations on pivotal topics with respect to security. A more knowledgeable and safer Europe could emerge from the enhanced know-how of these young professionals.

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