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Improved technology captures CO2

Scientists are seeking how best to limit the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) entering the atmosphere and mitigate the effects of climate change. An EU-funded project enhanced technology for capturing CO2 from power stations.
Improved technology captures CO2
Much of the power generated around the world is still dependent on fossil fuels and the resulting carbon dioxide (CO2) is mainly captured with the aid of solvents, which selectively dissolve CO2. The solvents most commonly used include amine-based organic compounds, as the technology is well known and can be easily retrofitted into existing plants.

A significant drawback to this approach is the amount of energy required for regenerating the solvent resulting in high capture costs. This challenge was addressed by the EU-funded CAPSOL (Design Technologies for Multi-scale Innovation and Integration in post-combustion CO2 capture: from molecules to unit operations and integrated plants) project, which sought to improve CO2 capture technology.

Project partners began at the molecular level, developing new thermodynamic models to identify solvents and solvent blends with an increased affinity for CO2, reduced regeneration energy needs and low environmental impact. This resulted in a suite of process models for the absorption and de-absorption units, operating costs and the design of high performance packing materials.

Major industrial case studies were conducted in the areas of power generation and materials production. Researchers used CAPSOL technology while investigating solvent selection, process and equipment design, manufacturing and heat integration options. Results indicated that the technology developed by the consortium was a viable and competitive alternative to current state-of-the-art technology employed in CO2 capture.

A pilot-plant scale CO2 capture system was established and used to conduct experiments. These proved the feasibility and highlighted the benefits and practicalities of CAPSOL’s successful combination of solvent and equipment.

CAPSOL therefore offers the best solution for capturing CO2 from gas, lignite and coal power stations. It will also help quicklime production plants, where solvent based post-combustion CO2 absorption/de-absorption can become a viable solution.

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Carbon dioxide, solvents, amine-base organic compound, CO2 capture, CAPSOL, thermodynamic models
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