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Exploitable results – Evidence that ventilation takes up microplastics in crabs

Result description

Ingested polystyrene microspheres were retained within the body tissues of shore crabs for up to 21 days following inspiration across the gill; identifying ventilation as a route of uptake of microplastics into a common marine nonfilter feeding species.

Result type

* exploitable scientific result

Link to result

Abstract for International Council for the Exploration of the Sea science conference, Rekyvick, Iceland: ICES CM 2013/3064 A:02 Trophic and direct transfer of Microplastics into the common shore crab Carcinus maenas


Watts, A.J.R., Lewis, C., Goodhead, R.M., Beckett, S.J., Moger, J., Tyler, C.R. and T.S. Galloway (2014) Uptake and retention of microplastics by the shore crab Carcinus maenas. Environ. Sci. Technol., 48(15), 8823-8830, doi: 10.1021/es501090e

Reported by

University of Exeter
United Kingdom


Scientific Research
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