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Exploitable results – Important expansion of biogeochemical monitoring in the Mediterranean and Black Seas

Result description

Increased biogeochemical monitoring is an identified and pressing current need. Under PERSEUS new sensors were added to moorings and new bio-Argo floats as well as Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) monitoring initiated. This upgrade of the selected observatories in the SES is absolutely essential to improve the estimates of current ocean states and constrain model predictions, thus contributing to the proper implementation of GES as required by the MSFD.

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* Report

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Multi-parametric moorings upgrade with new sensors and expansion. Link: Deliverable 3.5. Operation and data analysis from Argo and expendable systems at basin and sub-basin scale. Link:
Kassis D. et al. 2014. Mooring upgrades with new sensors and expansion under PERSEUS – Building a future strategy towards monitoring the South European Seas. 2nd scientific PERSEUR workshop- Marrakesch (2014).


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