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COMFUS Informe resumido

Project ID: 258443
Financiado con arreglo a: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
País: Spain

Final Report Summary - COMFUS (Computational Methods for Fusion Technology)

Fusion is the energy that powers the sun and the energy resource of the future. The objective is to reproduce the fusion process on earth in a controlled way. If we succeed, we will have at our disposal a clean and unlimited source of energy that can change humanity forever. On Earth, fusion will be reproduced in fusion reactors. Unfortunately, there are still many open technological issues in their design. It has motivated the ITER project, which wll be a large-scale scientific experiment to gain the knowledge we require to make fusion a reality. However, ITER is under construction, and some key experiments will not be possible during the next 15 years. One example is the design of breeding blankets surrounding the plasma. As a result, the only short-term answer is simulation. The simulation of physical phenomena in a fusion reactor is extremely challenging, due to its multiscale and multiphysics nature, and the computational resources needed to perform such simulations huge. As a result, the objective of COMFUS was to design advanced numerical algorithms and efficient solvers that efficiently exploit extreme amounts of parallelism in current supercomputers. The resulting high-performance scientific computing tools enable accurate simulations of fusion reactors, without the need to wait 15 years for the real experiment.

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