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FEEL Informe resumido

Project ID: 323674
Financiado con arreglo a: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
País: France

Mid-Term Report Summary - FEEL (A new approach to understanding consciousness: how "feel" arises in humans and (possibly) robots.)

The FEEL project involves 7 postdocs, a senior scientific collaborator and the PI working to confirm and expand the sensorimotor theory of consciousness. Half way through the five-year project, the mathematical work package has demonstrated that the sensorimotor theory explains how, from the laws that describe a naïve agent’s interaction with the world, the agent could create abstract concepts like the notion of space. The philosophical work package has produced several papers and organized an international workshop to put the theory in perspective with current alternative theories of consciousness. The color work package has extended prior work on the sensorimotor account of the experienced quality of color, and shown its relation to existing accounts of color constancy. The sensory substitution work package is investigating the possibility of improving spatial sensations using an auditory prosthesis. Additionally an ERC “proof of concept” grant has been obtained to create a device that helps hearing impaired people understand speech through a tactile interface. The “baby” work package has investigated how babies learn to use tools that extend their body reach. Overall, at this half-way stage the project has produced 36 publications and over 70 dissemination activities, including two international workshops.

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