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Final Report Summary - ETNA PLUS (European Transport Network Alliance)

Executive Summary:
The European Transport Network Alliance (ETNA Plus), a 3-year coordination action funded under the Seventh Framework Programme, built upon the activities and knowledge acquired in the ETNA and paved the way towards ETNA2020.
Project Context and Objectives:
The overall objective of ETNA Plus was to foster innovation in trans-national cooperation in Transport with a new and wider approach reflecting the new political context and the priority given to Europe 2020 and to the Horizon 2020 objectives.
Transport National Contact Points in H2020 were key players in this mechanism, but their role was complemented and enhanced thanks to the contribution of other relevant transport stakeholders, which brought to the project a benefit both in terms of knowledge and expertise.

Project Results:
The Funding Map Database, aimed to enable users to identify appropriate transport research and innovation-funding sources, became operational and was periodically enriched with new funding initiatives and programmes, as well as to all the relevant debt and equity funding financing opportunities.
In parallel, a survey investigating the areas of leverage effect of public sector funding was carried out among EU industries so as to study how private sector finance can also support transnational transport research and innovation.

A different contribution to trans-national cooperation in the EU Transport research landscape came from the Guidebook on ‘Recommendations for transnational cooperation within European Union Transport research’, which was the result of an in-depth analysis of transport R&I strategies at EU and non-EU level. The guidebook was largely promoted and distributed among policy makers.

Large efforts were also invested on activities aimed at supporting EU/national/regional research stakeholders in identifying and cross-linking partners from EU Member States and Associated Countries in view of building trans-national consortia for EU research and innovation projects under Horizon 2020.
The Partner search services were provided via the following web based tools:
• Partner search, aimed at creating/answering to the requests of partnership. The tool was developed thanks to the collaboration with the IDEALIST system, which led to the creation of a PS system tailored to transport calls.
• Partner profile, allowing potential proposers interested in H2020 transport calls to promote their profiles among the R&I transport community.
• Active Participant Identification, a searchable database that provides a list of organizations active in the transport field based on their FP7/H2020 projects’ track record.
In parallel, 11 brokerage events were organised and executed in cooperation with the European Commission, EU transport Technology Platforms and other transport-related initiatives at EU and regional levels.

Transport NCPs professional development was also pursued through different activities.
In particular, with the aim to provide hands on material to NCPs, 12 factsheets were developed on the following subjects:
1. Guidelines for NCP activities
2. NCP assistance towards clients
3. International Cooperation in HORIZON 2020
4. HORIZON 2020 Basics
5. Transport and Horizon 2020
6. H2020 – Participants
7. HORIZON 2020 consultation groups
8. Project building
9. Project Management – Practical recommendations
10. Standardisation in Transport R&D projects
11. Transport: looking for funding through whole H2020
12. Public sector funding leverage on private sector finance

A total of 8 trainings and 5 webinars on Horizon 2020 related issues were carried out.
Twinning opportunities, especially conceived for newcomers NCPs, but opened to everyone, were also launched. Two editions of the Academy training addressed to EU13 stakeholders were successfully carried out in Bratislava (SLO) and Tallinn (EE) respectively, gaining 52 participants from EU13 Countries.

ETNA Plus services were widely promoted at EU, national and regional level, via the following dissemination tools:
- 6 Newsletters issues were distributed – on a six months basis – both among Transport NCPs and at national level.
- 73 presentations at relevant events covering a wide spectrum of multidisciplinary transport related activities.

The project public website constantly updated with transport related news and events, as well as ETNA Plus initiatives.

Potential Impact:
Follow up of results achieved in the frame of ETNA plus will be ensured with ETNA2020, the renewed network of NCPs for Transport covering the 2016-2019 period.
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