Forschungs- & Entwicklungsinformationsdienst der Gemeinschaft - CORDIS

A collection of data from dense gas dispersion experiments in the field and laboratory

The database contains information from the following dense gas dispersion experiments:
wind tunnel tests at the University of Hamburg, TNO and Warren Spring Laboratory;
field experiments from Lathen (CEC MTH BA), Landskrona (CEC ENVIRONMENT Fladis), Thorney Island (limited data set) and US (LLNL Burro, Coyote, Desert Tortoise and Eagle).

The purpose and design of each experimental series is described. The database includes general descriptions of the gas releases, information on the instruments applied, sensor positions, and measured time series. The main purpose was to organise data for model evaluation. The database is also of interest for model developers, who intend to survey data from several experiments, and for future experimentalists, who want to take advantage of the common data format for efficient data dessimination.

The database is documented by a report which describes the experiments, data quality, source characteristics and methods for data screening. It further describes: how to inspect the collected information with an MS-DOS program distributed with the data; how to access the data with user written programs; and how to install more data sets.

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