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AdvIOT Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: 611606
Gefördert unter: FP7-PEOPLE
Land: Finland

Periodic Report Summary 1 - ADVIOT (Advanced Methods for Analyzing and Improving the Reliability and Security of Novel Environmental-friendly Wireless Devices for Internet of Things)

The AdvIOT project aims at strengthening research partnerships through staff exchanges and networking activities between 4 European research organizations, from Finland, United Kingdom, and France, and 4 organizations from China and Japan.

AdvIOT addresses scientific issues related to “Advanced Methods for Analyzing and Improving the Reliability and Security of Novel Environmental-friendly Wireless Devices for Internet of Things”. It is based on a 4 years coordinated joint programme of exchange of researchers for periods of 1-12 months, thus providing mobility possibilities to individual researchers and support to research organizations to establish and reinforce long-term research co-operation.

The programme of exchange is focused on novel RFID- and WSN-based IOT devices with renewable materials that will be developed for different applications by using additive manufacturing methods. As a result of AdvIOT, novel tools for testing, analyzing, and improving the reliability and security of these new devices in various demanding applications and environments, such as in healthcare, disaster prevention, and intelligent transportation, will be achieved.

Four topics have been identified as most relevant for all partners involved in the joint programme: Design of novel environmental-friendly RFID and WSN devices, Manufacturing of these devices, Reliability of these wireless devices, and Security of the wireless communication between these devices. Several co-authored publications have been written during the first half of the project

An important part of AdvIOT is the early stage researcher training, where early career researchers get a chance for international collaboration and high quality knowledge transfer by well organized and guided international secondments. Several partners are also hosting internship students from other partner universities. Apart from real research experience, students also develop a global perspective. This is something that all project partners want to support. In AdvIOT, also the guidance of the visiting experienced researchers and professors is seen important for the early stage researcher training at the hosting university. In addition to active researcher exchange, four workshops will be organized during the project. The first workshop was held in March 2014 and the second workshop in December 2014. Also smaller meetings (with 3 or more partners present) will be held throughout the project.

The project leaflet and website are available in public. They can be found from The project website and the project leaflet have been actively promoted in all partner universities and each partner has also promoted them to their network of contacts who work in related fields.

The project has been monitored twice by REA (March 2015 and June 2015).

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