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EU-Global Transatlantic Perspectives in a Changing Global Context: Multilateralism Through Regionalism Project (EU GLOBAL) purposes to form and bolster long-term new research partnerships between European Research Area (ERA) institutions and respected research institutions in the United States of America (USA) that are specifically focusing on European Studies. The project aims to establish a network platform that involves partners awarded as Jean Monnet Center of Excellence in EU Studies, promote transfer and exchange of knowledge with a special emphasis on Euro-Transatlantic comparative perspective. Hence, the project targets not only to establish research partnerships but also endow participating researchers with a remarkable comparative perspective on EU affairs since it will merge angles from a founding EU-member state, Germany, a candidate country, Turkey and beyond the Atlantic, the USA. The project partners are: Middle East Technical University Center for European Studies-Turkey (Jean Monnet Center of Excellence), University of California Berkeley EU Center-USA (European Union Center of Excellence), University of Pittsburgh-USA (European Union Center of Excellence), University of Cologne-Germany (Jean Monnet AD Personam Chair) and Yasar University EU Research Center (Jean Monnet Chair at International Relations Dep.)-Turkey. The project grants 30 mobility of 29 researchers (17 researchers from ERA to USA and 12 researchers from USA to ERA) in 3 years-time specifically researching on comprehensive security and governance with a comparative and transatlantic perspective.

The broad focus of the project on various transatlantic perspectives has allowed the participating research institutions to bring in their own expertise and experience to make a contribution to two global research priorities. Comprehensive security and governance have been analyzed through various perspectives and a comparative outlook. As a result, the project has annexed two issue areas on three different levels; in the EU region, wider European neighborhood and within the global system through three different perspectives, those of a member state, a candidate country, and a global actor. By doing so, this project has provided a strong value-added to the regional scientific studies in ERA that will enhance from a global approach and much desired comprehensive solutions to regional problems with significant global effect.

At the end of the project duration, the EU GLOBAL has proved to be real success connecting 28 researchers from 5 institutions. The researchers held conferences, seminars, public lectures and organized workshops during their secondments. Outcomes of research have already been disseminated through Research and Network Meetings, two joint panels at major conferences, conference papers, workshops, seminars, and publications. Further information could be found on the project’s website: The project has been quite fruitful as far as transfer of knowledge and dissemination is concerned, which is in itself the greatest accomplishment of the project.

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