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New uses for chemical bioanalysis

An EU group established a research training programme concerning biomedical applications of nanopolymers and electrochemical methods for biofuel cells. The project facilitated exchanges for 20+ researchers and hosted several summer schools.
New uses for chemical bioanalysis
The goal of the Marie Curie training programme, supported by the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), is to develop young researchers through participation in actual research. The EU-funded CHEBANA (Chemical bioanalysis) project was one such venture, addressing new methods and applications in bioanalytics.

Through this Initial Training Network, research was related to the development of new biosensors intended to simplify measurement of blood sugar or detection of cellular oxygen. Such devices utilise innovative nano and other materials, including molecular imprinted polymers, and find application in medical diagnostics. CHEBANA also investigated mass spectrometry and electrochemical methods for various purposes, including the development of biofuel cells.

Each of 20 PhD students and four postdoctoral fellows experienced at least 1 exchange visit to partner universities. The consortium hosted four summer schools. The gatherings provided young scientists with opportunities for interaction and feedback, the chance to network and collaborate, and exposure to guest speakers. CHEBANA also organised a workshop on soft skills, including project management and intellectual property issues, thereby supporting career development.

Project work yielded more than 70 peer-reviewed articles, one book and 6 patent applications.

CHEBANA's research directly contributed to the subject of chemical bioanalysis. Furthermore, the training provided helped equip young scientists for work in the field.

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