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ICARUS — Result In Brief

Project ID: 240895
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Italy

Innovation for climate change mitigation: A study of energy R&D and its uncertain effectiveness

Bringing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases to safe will require a technological revolution. However, such an innovation breakthrough will need major investment in research and development (R&D).
Innovation for climate change mitigation: A study of energy R&D and its uncertain effectiveness
The aim of the ICARUS (Innovation for climate change mitigation: A study of energy R&D, its uncertain effectiveness and spillovers) project was to investigate innovation in the energy sector. A threefold approach was taken, involving econometric analysis, computer models and the elicitation of information from experts.

Researchers made use of empirical analysis of existing databases and collated new data. Simulation models were also developed to produce quantitative results. Furthermore, expert elicitation techniques were employed to better assess the effectiveness of R&D programmes.

Economic analysis of patent data was used to examine the contribution of skilled migration to knowledge formation and innovation. Advanced modelling techniques were used to determine the optimal energy R&D portfolio given different goals, such as energy security and climate change mitigation.

In addition, researchers interviewed more than 120 European energy experts using structured elicitation protocols. The purpose was to collect a wide range of information ranging from future predicted energy costs to more detailed information on subjects such as technological barriers.

ICARUS provided unprecedented analysis of energy-related innovation mechanisms and an understanding of the importance of R&D in countries and industrial sectors. It has also clarified the role of public and private sector R&D investments and energy technology investment strategies.

The project will therefore provide valuable information to policymakers as well as vital input to the integrated assessment modelling community.

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