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MOPHIM Informe resumido

Project ID: 310970
Financiado con arreglo a: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
País: United Kingdom

Mid-Term Report Summary - MOPHIM (Molecular photoacoustic imaging during ultrasound-guided interventions)

During minimally invasive procedures, accurate identification of tissue targets is of critical importance to maximise clinical outcomes. Ultrasound imaging is widely used for real-time guidance, but in many clinical contexts it provides inadequate contrast for tissue targets. With the ERC Starting Grant MOPHIM, we are developing and testing interventional photoacoustic imaging, a novel framework for guiding minimally invasive procedures that dramatically enhances image contrast for a wide range of tissue structures. Photoacoustic imaging involves acoustic imaging of specific tissue chromophores. At the mid-term of this project, the project is on schedule: a novel imaging system and new medical devices with integrated optical fibres have been created, and software for acquiring, reconstructing, and processing photoacoustic and B-mode ultrasound images has been developed. Successful in vivo tests in clinically realistic conditions with collaborating clinicians have have set the stage for studies on human patients. The ERC Starting Grant MOPHIM has also led to the development of a new imaging modality, called all-optical ultrasound imaging, which allows for the use of high-performance, pulse-echo ultrasound imaging from a wide range of medical devices.

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United Kingdom
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