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Project ID: 324233
Financiado con arreglo a: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
País: Sweden

Mid-Term Report Summary - ANALYTICAL SOCIOLOGY (Analytical Sociology: Theoretical Developments and Empirical Research)

The Analytical Sociology project has pursued its ambitious agenda more or less according to plan. The project not only seeks to make important contributions to the methodological and theoretical agenda of analytical sociology, but also to considerably improve our understanding of segregation processes.

The research program can be said to consist of three interrelated work packages, one theoretical, one methodological, and one empirical:

1. Explaining macro-level dynamics: This work package is concerned with basic theoretical and philosophical aspects of how one can go about explaining macro level dynamics, and with those aspects of the methodological and epistemological foundations of analytical sociology that need further clarifications.

2. Modelling micro-level mechanisms and macro-level dynamics: This work package develops models useful for improving our understanding of macro-level dynamics and the micro mechanisms that bring them about.

3. Social segregation processes. This empirically oriented core is tightly integrated with the theoretical and methodological cores of the program. The main focus is on the causes and consequences of segregation, and on how social interactions at the micro level bring about various intended and unintended macro-level outcomes.

Considerable progress has been made in all three work packages. Numerous articles and book chapters already have been published, two books are in preparation, and many new articles are in the pipeline.

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