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Muslond Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: 323404
Gefördert unter: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Land: United Kingdom

Mid-Term Report Summary - MUSLOND (Music in London, 1800-1851)

The project’s main aim is to rewrite the history of music in London during the early nineteenth century, and – through that lens – to think about ways in which music history as a whole might be differently configured if it concerned itself with social history at least as actively as it does with composers and their musical works. The major achievements of the project so far have been four large conferences and three seminars. Each of these has brought together a group of international experts for discussion of pre-circulated papers. In each case, the results have been groundbreaking enough to merit collection in an edited volume and publication.

Details are as follows:

Conference 1: SOUND KNOWLEDGE: MUSIC AND SCIENCE IN LONDON, 1800-1850 (18-19 October 2013), organised by Ellen Lockhart (University of Toronto) and James Davies (University of California, Berkeley). Accepted for publication as a book with University of Chicago Press, now in press and to emerge in 2016.

Conference 2: THE MELODRAMATIC MOMENT, 1790-1820 (27-29 March 2014), organised by Katherine Hambridge (University of Warwick) and Jonathan Hicks (KCL). Submitted for publication as a book with University of Chicago Press.

Conference 3: SONIC SPACES: MUSIC AND VISUAL CULTURE IN 19TH-CENTURY LONDON (27-28 March 2015), held at the Yale Center for British Art, Yale University. A collaboration with Yale University History of Art Department, organised by Erin Johnson-Hill (Yale University) and Tim Barringer (Yale University). Being prepared for publication as a book.

Conference 4: HEBREW MELODIES: MUSIC AND THE BIBLE IN 19TH-CENTURY EUROPE (25-26 June 2015). A collaboration with the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), Cambridge University, organised by James Grande (KCL) and Brian Murray (Cambridge University). Being prepared for publication as a book.

Seminar 1: MUSIC AND SCIENCE IN LONDON, 1800–51 (27–28 June 2014), organised by Sarah Hibberd (University of Nottingham). About to appear as a special issue of the journal 19th-Century Music (published by University of California Press).

Seminar 2: THEATRES OF THE CRIMEAN WAR: SOUND, AFFECT, AND THE MEDIA IN THE PRODUCTION OF WARTIME (17-18 October 2014), organised by Gavin Williams (Cambridge University). About to be submitted for publication as a book with a University Press.

Seminar 3: CHARLES DIBDIN AND HIS WORLD (28–29 November 2014), held at The University of Notre Dame’s London Centre. A collaboration with the University of Notre Dame, organised by Oskar Cox Jensen (KCL), David Kennerley (Worcester College, Oxford), Ian Newman (University of Notre Dame). Soon to be submitted for publication as a book with a University Press.

In addition to this activity, there have been ca. 30 Reading Groups (ca. half of which have involved Visiting Experts), and the core team has given project-themed presentations at numerous international conferences.

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