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Periodic Report Summary 1 - GRABFAST (Graphene Based Ultrafast Lasers)

The Marie Curie Career Integration Grant (CIG) is to support my permanent integration into Aalto University (Finland). I started my tenure-track Associate Professor position in the Department of Micro- and Nanosciences at the Aalto University (Finland) in 2013. Firstly, this CIG project was my first awarded international research project during my current Aalto appointment. This demonstrated my potential to attract research funds. Secondly, this CIG project helped me to set-up my own independent research group in Finland. It allowed me to purchase a few piece of small experimental equipment, helped me to support my first PhD student in Aatlo, supported my national and international collaboration work, and enabled me to carry out various outreach activities. Thirdly, this CIG project helped me to secure a few major projects (e.g., Academy of Finland research fellowship grant, Nokia Visiting Professor Grant). Now, my research group is well equipped with the state of the art equipment for photonic research based on nano-materials.
The ambitious CIG project (alongside my other frontier grants) aims to exploit the optical nonlinearities of a variety of nano-materials (e.g., carbon nanotubes, graphene, and other two-dimensional (2D) materials) for various ultrafast lasers. The objectives are to demonstrate various ultrafast lasers with better performance compared to traditional ultrafast lasers. After two-year hard-working, our work continues defining the current state of the art on the related topics (e.g., ultrafast lasers based on graphene and other 2D materials). The impact of our work in Aalto is widely recognized, published in major journals, such as Nature Photonics (2), Advanced Materials (1), ACS Nano (1), Nanoscale (3), Optica (1), Optics Express (5), Applied Physics Letters (1), and Optical Materials Express (1). My papers have attracted more than 9000 citations (with >5000 citations since 2014) till the reporting period (29, February, 2016, Google Scholar).
Currently, I am an Associate Professor at the Aalto University, and have taught a few courses (related to this CIG project) to over 200 high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students in Finland. I have given 40 conference presentations (16 invited talks, 12 contributed talks, 12 poster presentations) in and out of Europe during the reporting period. Further, I am also strongly engaged with the Finnish LUMA project ( and other public outreach activities (such as Open days) to inspire and motivate the young generation into science, engineering and technology. Therefore, in addition to my successful career integration in Finland, this CIG project has undoubtedly promoted the transfer of valuable knowledge across Europe.

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