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Periodic Report Summary 1 - T2M (2020 researchers: Train To Move)

On the 1st January 2014, the Università degli Studi di Torino (UNITO) launched a new international fellowship programme called 2020 researchers: TRAIN TO MOVE (T2M). T2M is cofunded by the European Commission through the Marie Curie COFUND Programme (FP7-GA 609402), and by the Compagnia di San Paolo, a banking foundation located in Piemonte.
T2M aims at maximizing career opportunities for incoming experienced researchers through a transnational incoming mobility experience, enriched by the development of individual research projects and by the provision of an extensive training, encompassing scientific, technical and complementary skills. A plus of the programme is the establishment of a cooperative link between academy and the private research sector, through short-term scientific visits or secondments, which will help integrating incoming researchers into the regional research and economic tissue while being trained. More specifically, the programme intends to increase the transnational mobility opportunities to Piemonte within the frame of advanced career development of experienced researchers, from both European and Third Countries; make Italy, and especially Piemonte Region, more attractive for experienced researchers, offering them the opportunity to promote their research careers through adequate working conditions and collaboration with non-academic sectors and to boost researchers’ scientific expertise and complementary skills, that will match both academic and non-academic sector needs.
T2M will run 5 years and so far has been implemented through 2 public calls for proposals (March 2014, March 2015), assigning 14 fellowships each, with a total of 28 transnational incoming mobility fellowships. Each fellowship lasts 24 months. T2M target is experienced researchers either with up to 7 years of research experience after completion of PhD, or with 4 to 10 years of research track record since the achievement of a MSc degree (or equivalent title warranting access to a PhD course). T2M fellows have been selected by an independent Scientific Selection Committee set up by the European Science Foundation.
During applications, fellows had freely chosen amongst 26 UNITO hosting departments and their proposed research areas, including all scientific fields, except engineering and architecture domains. Support for individual project implementation is ensured by the active participation of Scientific Supervisors in hosting departments, by the definition of Personal Career Development Plans and by a mentoring scheme.
The overall cornerstone of programme communication strategy before, during and after the call for proposals has been the programme web site , in which all information regarding the programme and the fellows have been openly published.

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