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Periodic Report Summary 2 - OMICS@VIB (VIB International Postdoctoral Program to boost '-omics' technologies throughout the institute.)

The CO-FUND omics@vib program is designed to attract a total of 20 international postdoctoral fellows to VIB labs in Flanders (Belgium) for a period of 3 years. As such the omics@vib postdoc program was designed for a total of 60 man years. Omics@vib fellows were selected based on excellence and the project potential to boost the introduction of omics and multidisciplinary approaches in the various VIB research groups.
Omics@vib fellows were selected in 3 subsequent calls (2011-2012-2013). Selection was made in 2 rounds by peers in the different life science fields and in front of an international review board.
This report describes the mid-term results of the omics@vib program management during years 3-4 of the program. At the start of this reporting period, all fellows had been selected and 12 of them were already working in the hostlab. The remaining 8 fellows moved to their VIB hostlab in the first 6 months of this reporing period, resulting in a full blown postdoc program by mid 2014. All fellows are plugging in to VIB core/service facilities and actively joined various opportunities in the training@vib program available at VIB. In addition, their work has been reviewed in 2 subsequent mid term review ‘seminars’ involving an international review board, who were overall very positive about the program, the quality of the selected fellows and the results obtained till now. To date, omics@vib fellows have published 56 papers in high impact journals including Cell, Nature and Science. For almost 50% of these papers, omics fellows were leading author (first author) on these papers. In addition, omics@vib projects have resulted in 3 patent applications.
All results can be accessed by the omics@vib webpages.

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