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Periodic Report Summary 1 - CO2TRIP (Long-term research activities in the area of advanced CO2 Capture Technologies for Clean Coal Energy Generation)

During project realization, some of the objectives and technical goals for the period with deviations within WPs were achieved. In this reporting period, tasks within all WP were carried out, while the implementation of work items within WP1, in which three entities, CUT, HWU and ZJU, collaborated, has been completed. As the result of jointly conducted activities, solid CO2 adsorbents of a new type have been developed, the complete characterization of their physicochemical properties has been made, and their CO2 sorption potential has been assessed using thermogravimetric methods, among others. The obtained results has made it possible to recommend the best adsorbents for further investigation within WP2, wherein experimental tests were carried out on a bench-scale VPSA adsorption installation at the CUT. In this reporting period, mainly activated carbons were tested on this installation to determine their flue gas CO2 capture potential. Within CO2, work was also conducted involving the testing of the new-type adsorbers using thermogravimetric analysis and a laboratory VPSA installation. Within WP3, the characterization of the novel oxygen carrier materials before and after the CLC run in CLC installation has been done based on the long experience of the partners (ICHPW and UU) and the exchange of the results, and the development and presentation of the results obtained from a Ca-Looping Cycle installation (NU). In the framework of WP4, the results obtained from plants of different sizes were exchanged in order to recognize the effect of scale-up on combustion and emission behaviour. Joint work (CUT, UU) was also conducted on the development of a high-efficiency oxy-combustion design for PC, CFB and PCFB boilers. In this reporting period, the results obtained from the conducted work were presented at several national and international conferences. A large international conference was organized within the Project, which was held in Krakow (Poland), as well as 2 summer schools and several workshops, seminars and Partners' meetings. The Project was advertised on the Project's website and during numerous research trips made by the Project's participants. The completed research exchanges enabled numerous scientific contacts to be entered into, as well as the tightening of collaboration and exchange of experiences.

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