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Periodic Report Summary 1 - CHETCH (China and Europe taking care of healthcare solutions)

The research project intends to contribute actively to the cooperation between Europe and China, investigating opportunities for mutual integration in the healthcare sector. Cooperation and potential synergies are examined from a comprehensive perspective, including policies at national and local level, the legal environment, medical practices, healthcare industries and related businesses.
CHETCH is based on the idea that a Europe-China partnership could be a win-win strategy. Europe and China have complementarities that could help each other face their specific needs in the long run.
An interdisciplinary approach is followed.
Researchers in the social science and humanities areas are engaged in comparing the European and Chinese healthcare systems at different levels, including value systems and ethical issues.
The economic expert are analysing the integration reached so far, in the healthcare industries (i.e. medical equipment, biotech, pharmaceutical products, etc.) on the basis of foreign direct investments and trade.
The typical cost-benefit tools are used to evaluate the economic impact of integrating Western Medicine (WM) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices, supporting the medical team of experts.
The legal team is investigating the legal framework of EU-China cooperation. Their aims are to define obstacles and plausible solutions that can be generated by the regulatory environment, as well as appropriate solutions to enhance collaboration both at institutional, medical practices and business levels.
The team of experts in the medical field investigates best practices of traditional medical systems using a modern science framework. The team is working on the develop a process of recognition and scientific validation of TCM versus Complementary Alternative Medicine, at different levels.
Several initiatives were organized to strengthen knowledge sharing opportunities among different team of research in China and in Europe, as well as scientific events to disseminate first results of Chetch. Participation at international and local conferences and workshops helped researchers increase the level of scientificity of their research output and to understand better how to develop the next steps of the research project. Also, visibility to Chetch project as a whole was granted by participation of Coordinator as keynote speaker in some key events on Chinese TCM.

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