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Periodic Report Summary 1 - SURFSUP (SURFS-UP: Freak Waves and Breaking Wave Impact on Offshore Structures)

The project Surfs-up started with the appointment of two Early Stage Researchers (ESRs): Floriane Gidel (ESR1) and Tomasz Salwa (ESR2) per September 1st 2014 and September 1st 2014. Co-supervisors at the School of Mathematics in Leeds are Profs. Rainer Hollerbach and Mark Kelmanson, respectively.

Two training events/courses were planned to be completed in months 6 and 12. In making the mandatory training plan at the School of Mathematics in Leeds, the scheduling of the courses was such that these two training events could better be completed in semester 1, i.e., the period up till January 2015. Consequently, both ESRs completed:
a) the official Fluid Dynamics module of the EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) in Fluid Dynamics (www.), with extra emphasis on the numerical and computational training tasks beyond what was asked to the DTC students which also attended the class. Thus both ESRs were given a solid grounding in mathematical and numerical modeling in fluid dynamics. Further grounding in the laboratory will follow in the summer of 2015 (given the availability of time in the Sorby Environmental Flow laboratory and the required wave tank).
b) the official Geophysical Fluid Dynamics course of the School of Mathematics. Consequently, the training of the ESRs is ahead of the scheduled training due to this slight adjustment. On October 1st 2014, the project kicked off as planned with the project kick-off meeting at the industrial project partner Maritime Research Institute The Netherlands (MARIN;, with presentation by the MARIN supervisors drs. Geert Kapsenberg and Tim Bunnik, as well as prof.
Onno Bokhove. The two ESRs introduced themselves and were shown the wave tank facilities at MARIN.

The promised six-month assessment, 12-months transfer exams, and probation assessments of the ESRs have all been completed with success. The mid-term meeting was held in Leeds on November 9th 2015.

The following research objectives have been reached to date (February 2016):
ESR1-D1) A two-dimensional horizontal code using the Benney-Luke equations was derived and implemented in the software package Firedrake (as outlined). Preliminary tests with a wave-maker matching MARIN wave tank set-up are underway. A technical report with figures on this progress has been written.
ESR1-D3) As part of the course work in Fluid Dynamics, the one-dimensional shallow code was written and tested. The report on this coursework is available.
ESR2-D2) A mixture theory model for wave-breaking as formulated and an interim technical report was written, ahead of time of the planned timing in month 6.
ESR1-D5) A 1D finite volume shallow water code is working and the coupling
ESR1-D7) to 1D potential flow code is in progress.
ESR1-D11) A simple Benney-Luke 3D is derived, implemented
ESR1-D15 and running and a validation is in progress
ESR1-D9, including accepted abstracts for conference in Vienna (EGU-2016) and Beijing (Nonlinear Waves 2016).
ESR2-D8/D12/D16) Elastic linear and non-linear theory formulated, and simple linear version has been implemented in 2D; two conference abstracts (10 and 4 pages) for conferences in USA (Int. Floating Water Waves April 2016) and Korea (OMAE 2016) have been accepted; one is a reviewed abstract.
See the periodic update of the mid-term report, with changes form the November 9th midterm meeting highlighted in blue.
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