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Final Report Summary - SIT (Stimulators and Inhibitors of Culture of Trust in Educational Interactions Assisted by Modern Information and Communication Technology)

In a digital age when face-to-face communication is increasingly uncommon, trust can be a problem. The circumstances raise the question of how trust can be established.
The EU-funded project SIT (Stimulators and inhibitors of culture of trust in educational interactions assisted by modern information and communication technology) investigated. The study aimed to determine the elements of trust in international educational contexts. The three-member consortium (University of Szczecin, Poland; Nasna University College, Norway; University of Macerata, Italy) and two partners (The Immanuel Baltic Kant Federal University, Russia; Institute of Kashmir Studies Society – University of Kashmir, India), investigated personal, normative (i.e. cultural) and content elements. Intended practical applications were closer international relations, breaking down of stereotypes and preparation of pedagogical foundation of culture of trust in ICT – aided educational. From February 2013, the study has considered five different environmental backgrounds via a case study approach.
Data were collected in several countries, taking into account cultural, religious and historical backgrounds. Sources included informal conversations, interviews, direct observation, plus analysis of documents and multimedia sources.
Using such data, the team prepared research tools, applied during three mobilities. The tools consisted of questionnaires for teachers and students, matrix analyses of both documents and multimedia sources, and a schedule for classroom observation. The study included schools at all levels.
Results were publicised at a summary conference about the project, and as a series of reviewed papers and other articles.
SIT yielded research and methodological university platform of developing a culture of trust in education, incorporating the concepts of trust developed in the project.

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