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SMS-OHTL Report Summary

Project ID: 698455


Reporting period: 2015-09-01 to 2016-02-29

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

The main objective of the SMS-OHTL project is to provide the TSO and DSO (Transmission/Distribution of power System Operators) a reliable solution for the real time monitoring of the ampacity (the instantaneous current carrying capacity of an overhead power transmission line). This will allow the dynamic line rating (DLR) of the transmission network that will increase its efficient use and mitigate transmission congestion, leading to important increases of the load capacity with respect to static seasonal ratings and an overall improvement of the management of the transmission and distribution network.

THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY is based on the current need to use more intensively the power transmission system infrastructure. Europe's grid networks aim to become a single internal energy market and increase energy transmission by 40% by 2020. Power transmission lines are essential to deliver electricity to consumers but they are constrained by its capacity. With the installation of new renewable generation and increased loads, transmission infrastructure has experienced unforeseen demand, which have resulted in congestion. For the TSOs, construction of new transmission lines is not a simple procedure, as a result of strictly environmental regulations. For that reason, it is of utmost importance to optimize electric power transmission system assets by condition monitoring and dynamic line rating.

RELOGABLE, a company based on technology, innovation and global reach, has developed an innovative sensor that determines in real-time the length of the line and calculate its temperature and ampacity. We offer a compact, cost-effective, remote, autonomous and easy-to-scale system that determines the average temperature on the conductor by measuring the length of the span, providing the transmission capacity of overhead lines at all times and reporting any existing defects in the grid, allowing a potential increase of 20-25% of the load capacity and an overall improvement of the management of the distribution grid.

RELOGABLE aims at becoming a worldwide leader provider of systems to monitor the ampacity and other parameters on the overhead power lines, delivering the promised benefits of the smart grid – stability, seamless interconnectivity and real-time information for grid operators and customers.
The aim of the current feasibility study is to demonstrate the value and validity of the project, based upon a practical and comprehensive overall view of the proposed SMS-OHTL solution integrated into the high-voltage European Transmission Systems. In this respect, RELOGABLE has undertaken this study to assess the 3 main aspects: commercial assessment, technical assessment and financial feasibility assessment. With that in mind we have evaluated the inclusion of key stakeholders (TSOs from different European countries) for pilot testing of the monitoring solution in field environments demonstrating the maturity, the performance and great potential benefits of this technology. The main focus is to facilitate in this way commercialization routes for our SMS-OHTL solution.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

We have found several countries in the world already adopting solutions to solve the problem of the optimization of electric power transmission system. The solutions are mostly based on the use of sensors for increasing capacity of existing lines by having a dynamic line rating system.

The profile of our competitors providing those solutions are companies manufacturing and commercializing sensors for power transmission monitoring. Most of them measure temperature on the power lines by using optical fibre, magnetic fields or vibrations sensors, that are quite expensive solutions, and in the case of optical fibre, only suitable for new infrastructures. Therefore, from our study in the feasibility study we can confirm that there is a real need for a reliable and cost-effective method to measure the average conductor temperature on the span over a long distance and calculate the ampacity. It is what we propose with our SMS-OHTL system.

RELOGABLE is working on two different cost-effective technologies for the real time monitoring of the ampacity on high voltage lines. The analysis performed on the feasibility study has allowed RELOGABLE to detect the most mature of them for a phase 2 project, that is the one developed in the European BEST PATHS project (FP7), where we are working on a demonstrator of a smart monitoring system that will be installed in a pilot system on an overhead power line from REE in Spain during this year. Due to the maturity of the BEST-PATH sensor technology, we believe that this could be the best solution to be proposed on the SMS-OHTL phase 2 project. It will be also the natural outlet of the BEST PATH project allowing us to commercialize the smart sensor and launch to the market an innovative solution for the smart monitoring of the power lines.

We have also been working very closely with TSOs and DSOs on the specifications of a smart monitoring system for power lines. The crucial factors for the mass adoption of a smart monitoring sensor are “low-cost, connectivity, self-powered and easy maintenance”. Our solution fulfills all these requirements and allow dynamic line rating to be massively installed on power lines. We aim to expand the SMS-OHTL adoption to the highest range of grid operators. Our unique selling points are the reduction of the cost of smart monitoring sensors by up to 80% compared with the current solutions, allowing a potential increase of 20-25% of the load capacity and an overall improvement of the management of the distribution grid.

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

The conclusion of the freedom to operate analysis is that there are no patents, which might prevent the patentability and commercial exploitation of the SMS-OHTL project results. In fact, SMS-OHTL can be patented.
RELOGABLE aims at becoming a worldwide leader provider of systems to monitor the ampacity and other parameters on the overhead power lines, delivering the promised benefits of the smart grid and the Internet of Things on power lines.

The SMS-OHTL solution is within the power distribution market. Globally, the demand for electric power is going to increase by more than 100 percent on an average over the next 4 decades. Reliable monitoring and decision making based on real time information will enable existing power transmission systems to be able to carry higher loads without operating at dangerous levels. Smart and connected sensors like our SMS-OHTL system will play an enabling role in realizing these functions.

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