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Periodic Report Summary 1 - EPIBRAIN (The importance of the epigenome in tumour development and recurrence)

The aim of the project is to explore the epigenome of brain tumours. Both to provide tools for improving the diagnosis, outcome predictions and monitoring treatment responses of cancer patients and to decipher the role of epigenetic aberrations in tumours and how to target them for improving survival and quality of life of patients. The project has so far been focused on 2 of the 4 subprojects, namely to further investigate the role of methylome modulation during differentiation of cancer stem cells from glioblastoma and on developing biomarkers for paediatric brain tumours. In the first subproject we discovered issues that can limit the use of so called differentiation therapy for glioblastoma which should be taken into account when designing new warranted experiments or therapy for glioblastoma using the concepts of differentiation therapy. The next subproject was to develop biomarkers which have been done. Using DNA methylation profiles we have developed a classifier, called MethPed, which accurately classifies unknown brain tumours to one of the included nine diagnoses in the classifier.

The fellow, Helena Carén, has started her independent research group at the Sahlgrenska Cancer Center at the University of Gothenburg with 6-9 team members including PhD students, postdocs, technicians and master students. She has established excellent collaboration with the University hospital and the developed MethPed classifier is now on the way to clinical diagnostics. Dr Carén has also engaged in teaching and taken pedagogic courses and courses in leadership which together with her independent publications has allowed her to apply for an become an Associate Professor.

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