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QLEDS Report Summary

Project ID: 337154
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Germany

Mid-Term Report Summary - QLEDS (Quantum Logic Enabled test of Discrete Symmetries)

This project aims to develop novel quantum logic inspired cooling and detection schemes amenable to precision measurements with single (anti-)protons. The aim of this research is to overcome the main limitation in current experiments, which is the temperature of single (anti-)protons. These cannot be laser-cooled directly. A single (anti-)proton will be coupled to a single laser-cooled 9Be+ ion in a double-well potential for cooling. Furthermore, this allows detection of a single (anti-)proton cyclotron and Larmor resonance frequency as required for a g-factor measurement. g-factor comparisons between matter and antimatter represent a highly sensitive test of CPT symmetry, a fundamental symmetry within the standard model of particle physics and quantum field theory. We have developed and built laser systems for cooling and detecting a single 9Be+ ion in a cryogenic 5 Tesla Penning trap. We have designed the trap stack including dedicated modules for

* cooling and detecting single 9Be+ ions
* coupling single 9Be+ ions to single (anti-)protons using the Coulomb interaction
* spin-motional couplings on single (anti-)protons

We have implemented a fabrication process for a micro Penning trap allowing the coupling of a single 9Be+ ion to an (anti-)proton. A superconducting magnet for the experiment has been installed and qualified, and advanced spectroscopy protocols are currently being developed.

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