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CALDER Report Summary

Project ID: 335359
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Italy

Mid-Term Report Summary - CALDER (Cryogenic wide-Area Light Detectors with Excellent Resolution)

CALDER is developing a new technology for particle physics experiments, trying to solve the long standing problem between matter and antimatter. Their balance was broken just after the Big Bang, and now there is just matter that surrounds us. Why did matter prevail? What happened to the antimatter? The answer may come from the observation of the Majorana neutrino, a particle that is very difficult to detect. The objective is to develop innovative and highly sensitive detectors working at temperatures close to absolute zero.
The devices are composed of a silicon wafer acting as radiation absorber coupled to superconducting sensors called kinetic inductance detectors (KIDs). The first phase of the project is concluded. By using KIDs of aluminum we reached an energy resolution of 80 eV. We are currently developing KIDs of a new material, the titanium nitride, to boost the resolution below 20 eV, the goal of the project.
Once ready the detectors will be taken to the experiments at Gran Sasso laboratories, in Italy, for the final test.

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