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Calculated boost for neural field equations

Neural field equations (NFEs) are an important mathematical modelling tool for the neuroscience and cognitive robotics field. EU funding helped researchers develop numerical simulations for NFEs that should further boost research in the neurosciences.
Calculated boost for neural field equations
NFE models are generally used to describe the synaptic firing rate activity in neuronal populations at the tissue level in the space and time scale. During the NEUROSTOCHSIM (Neural field equations: stochastic approach and numerical simulations) project, researchers developed novel numerical methods for NFE applications. What is impressive, however, is the fact that these equations can be applied to both deterministic and stochastic cases.

The NEUROSTOCHSIM numerical algorithm employs a rank reduction technique for computing two-dimensional NFEs. Comparison of theoretical results with selected numerical experiment examples indicated good stability and accuracy for problems in the neuroscience and robotics area. Results were disseminated via poster presentations and a plenary talk at international conferences as well as a publication in the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing.

After extensive analysis, project researchers selected a stochastic model for NFE as well as a numerical technique for appropriate approximation of singular problems. Research outcomes were presented at an international workshop.

NEUROSTOCHSIM concentrated efforts on applying their techniques to real world problems such as visual stimuli encoding in the brain and epilepsy. A major accomplishment is the numerical simulation of multibump solutions of neural fields to study the conditions for the formation of multiple regions of high activity. These solutions can be employed to represent remembered external stimuli in neural populations and interpret experimental EEG data. Research findings were presented at several international conferences.

Project tools are invaluable as they will aid researchers in comprehending complex neurobiological phenomena as well as neurological disorders. Already plans are ongoing for further research collaborations to investigate potential applications in biomedicine and cognitive robotics.

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Neural field equation, mathematical modelling, neuroscience, cognitive robotics, epilepsy, multibump
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