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Inspiring a new generation of Earth scientists

The scientific landscape in Europe repositioned itself to cater for the wider use of mass-independent fractionation (MIF) that is spreading from basic scientific research to industrial applications. An EU-funded Initial Training Network (ITN) was established for young scientists.
Inspiring a new generation of Earth scientists
INTRAMIF (Initial Training Network on mass independent fractionation) was a Marie Curie programme action. The specific objective of this ITN was to investigate the phenomenon of MIF in oxygen-containing molecules. This powerful research tool in Earth sciences has started being used to solve problems pertaining to water supplies and food authentication.

Research carried out in the INTRAMIF network laboratories focused on the definition of MIF signatures that can be used as tracers for chemical transformations in the environment. The results have implications for several areas of interest in EU policy, including but not limited to hydrology (EU Groundwater Directive) and climate research (EU Strategy on Climate Change).

Essentially, scientists studied the phenomenon during the formation of ozone in the atmosphere and its transfer to other important atmospheric trace species. MIF in oxygen-containing molecules was also used as a tracer for chemical transformations taking place in water and ice cores.

INTRAMIF research and newly developed methods make a significant contribution to the MIF scientific community. The results have already been published in high-impact peer-reviewed journals. Importantly, several early-stage researchers defended their PhD theses successfully, after which they took on jobs inside and outside academia.

With partners from more than 10 countries, INTRAMIF was highly international. Through numerous meetings and training courses organised during its four-year lifetime, this ITN offered unique networking and career development opportunities for the 13 early-stage researchers involved. They were introduced to a rapidly evolving scientific world.

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