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Promising solutions for multiuser wireless communication systems

A transmission strategy known as interference alignment (IA) enables much higher data throughput than previously imagined in multiuser wireless communications. An EU initiative explored the possibilities of such a revolutionary wireless transmission concept.
Promising solutions for multiuser wireless communication systems
IA reduces the impact of interference and can be operated on a broad range of applications, including multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), X, two-way communication, multi-hop multi-flow, cooperative communication and cellular networks.

With this in mind, the EU-funded IAWICOM (Interference aligned wireless communications) project set out to develop new practical IA schemes based on these applications. The focus was on IA and a new concept known as massive MIMO.

Project partners analysed the performance of both techniques that have become apparent as new potential solutions to the interference issue. Work began with a literature review of problems associated with present-day wireless communications that IA and massive MIMO can address.

For IA, research centred on practical limitations such as finite channel state information (CSI) feedback delay, and an examination of the degree of freedom performance (DoF) of the MIMO interference channel with limited CSI feedback. Project partners showed how these schemes exploit both current and outdated CSI to achieve an improved DoF performance. They also studied the two-user time-correlated MIMO interference channel.

Concerning massive MIMO, the IAWICOM team considered a multi-cell multi-user downlink channel time-division duplex MIMO system. It derived an approximation of the sum rate with regularised zero-forcing precoding, which helps to quantify capacity loss. Team members studied the effect of time variation of the channel due to the relative users' movement with regard to the base station. Contributions arising from the research include analytical expressions for the sum-rate with finite number of base station (BS) antennas, and the asymptotic limits with infinite power and number of BS antennas.

IAWICOM introduced novel methods, as well as the integration of state-of-the-art methods in IA and massive MIMO. The proposed approaches will establish new directions towards better quality, more efficient and environmentally friendly communication systems.

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Interference alignment, multiuser wireless communications, IAWICOM, massive MIMO
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